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Poly MVA

This is a powerful, patented dietary liquid supplement that is the first in a remarkable new category of supplements known as Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes (LAMC). It has the ability to protect and provide energy at a cellular level. It helps to support the Mitochondria within each cell. Mitochondria are the little powerhouses of the cells. When we feel fatigue, or suffer from chronic health conditions that don’t seem to resolve, this could be what needs more support. Poly-MVA can do that. It helps to rebuild mitochondrial numbers within the cell.

It improves cell to cell communication. This tends to break down as we age, even when we seem to do the “right” things.


Alpha lipoic acid (LA) is one of the main ingredients in Poly MVA and is a powerful antioxidant. It works to increase cellular energy and helps the liver detox harmful substances. LA can help to neutralize free radicals that influence the aging process. And since it is both water and fat soluble, it has the ability to do its magic in most parts of the body, even the brain.

Why is Poly-MVA so special?

Through a patented process, Poly MVA is bonded to palladium, a trace mineral. This binding process dramatically increases nutrient absorption at the cellular level throughout the body. This makes Poly-MVA unique over any other supplement. Palladium acts more as a transport or storage mechanism that incredibly enhances the uptake of lipoic acid, while also having a beneficial effect on the electrical potential of the cells.

Another reason why it is so special is its available options. Even though Poly-MVA is a liquid, it can be administered in different ways.

  1. The first is oral, although the taste must be masked. Greatly diluting it or putting it in something else might be one approach to getting it paste the tongue. Poly MVA

  2. After filtration, it can be injected intramuscularly. Slight discomfort could be experienced at the injection site, like any other shot.

  3. After filtration, it can be administered in much higher and more therapeutic dosages through an IV. This is the preferred (and quickest) method to affect a chronic condition to see more positive effects sooner rather than later.

Why do people use Poly-MVA?

People use Poly-MVA for optimum health and maximum nutritional support. It is designed to increase energy, reduce fatigue, help to enhance overall health and well-being, and provide nutritional support for those who may have nutrients depleted during chemotherapy or radiation treatments.* Many people have found Poly-MVA to be a tonic and helpful in improving quality of life for those undergoing a difficult treatment regimen.*

  • Provides superior antioxidant and free radical protection*

  • Offers fast acting, immediate absorption for quick results

  • Supports energy production at the cellular level*

  • Enhances and supports quality of life

  • Promotes overall health and may replenish nutrients that may be depleted during chemotherapy and radiation

Can people take Poly-MVA for daily support or any other reason?

Yes. Poly-MVA is an ideal and superior oral or IV antioxidant. It was intended to help support many of the body’s systems, strengthen immune response, enhance energy production, and improve quality of life by providing high-quality essential nutrients in a unique form that can be easily assimilated by the body.* Additional research to further demonstrate and validate benefits that this powerful supplement may achieve are ongoing.

Is Poly-MVA safe?

The ingredients are safe and effective. Poly-MVA is assimilated in the body and viewed to be more as a food. During the initial development of Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes, high acute doses were given to animals in an attempt to determine if there would be any adverse events; even at the highest administered dose (fifty times higher than the maximum recommended dose), no negative effects were observed in any of the test animals. Additionally, to our knowledge, Poly-MVA does not appear to interfere with the actions or effects of most medications or treatments. It should still be noted that all of us are different and a few may react differently. If this is the case, please discontinue use and contact your practitioner.

What’s not to like? Sounds like a Grand Slam if you want better health. But, you may have questions.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For more in depth information on Poly-MVA and related articles and studies please search

Who should get this IV…

  • Chronic fatigue conditions

  • Chronic health concerns that do not resolve

  • Radiation treatment patients

  • Neurologic disorders

  • Those wanting better function of mitochondria



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