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Ozone IV

Ozone IV

So tell me about Ozone.

This is a basic explanation, but I think it will help explain what this is all about.

Ozone (O3) is an oxygen species that has 3 oxygen molecules that are weakly bound to each other.

Many doctors use Ozone to help patients overcome issues regarding their immune system. Because the molecule is weakly bound, it is able to disassociate easily when it comes into contact with bacterial, viruses, and funguses. It acts like an electron donor. When this happens, it allows the blood to be more oxygenated and sanitized.

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Remember back to the Periodic Table we saw in Chemistry class? Each element was identified based on the specific number of electrons in its outer electron shell. When you add just one electron, you change the very molecule itself to a completely different thing. For example… Let’s take Hydrogen. It has only 1 electron in its outer shell. But if we donate just one more electron, then it becomes Helium, which has 2 electrons in its outer shell.

Let’s take this a bit further and look at what happens when we undergo Ozone therapy through an IV. When the Ozone hits the blood, most people see that it turns a much brighter color red than what came out of them. This is because the Ozone (O3) has disassociated to Oxygen (O2) and given all that oxygen to the red blood cells that were empty of oxygen when we took the blood from the patient. That extra electron was donated to any bacteria, viruses, mold or fungus the patient may have had in their blood. This is how Ozone has been known to “sanitize” the blood. It essentially transforms the original “bad” molecule into a different one. Thus killing that original bad guy. When patients are really sick, as with Lyme disease, or other chronic issues, the patient may experience what is known as a Herxheimer’s reaction. But this is a good thing, since it shows we are ridding the body of the very thing that is making you sick in the first place.

Ozone has been around long before things like Antibiotics, Antivirals, or Antifungals were. However, as humans, we tend to develop resistances to these medications. But thankfully, we will never develop a resistance to any oxygen species (Otherwise, we wouldn’t live long). This is why Ozone therapies go well with those that are already taking medication and don’t want to add any more - or - those that simply want to try to stay in the more natural line of treatments for their health concerns.

When to use this IV:

  • When fighting a flare from a chronic health condition

  • Wanting to avoid a flare from a chronic condition

  • Before the Immune IV to sanitize your blood

  • To kill any virus, bacteria, fungus, or mold that may be triggering you

  • After a gathering where someone was ill and you want to avoid getting it.


  • $180

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