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Hormone Balancing

Hot Flashes, night sweats, and being crabby aren’t the only things that go awry when hormones need balancing. Hormones control so many things in our bodies. With today’s modern “chemistry” being more polluting than ever, some can start to see symptoms as early as the 30’s. So don’t wait. With balanced hormones, you can get back to feeling like YOU again. Dr. Rush uses salivary testing here.

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Depression, anxiety, and stress can all contribute to a poor mental state. But did you know there is a non-invasive method to test the neurotransmitters that help control your mood? That’s right! It’s a simple urine test. Even though hormones can play a part here, neurotransmitter testing can be paired with hormone testing or be done solo. Not feeling like yourself? Has your mood been in a place you don’t like for too long? Call and let us help you get back to a better place.


Cardiovascular disease is still the #1 killer - even with all our medical advancements and technology. If you read up on Dr. Rush’s About page, you’ll know that she is passionate about helping those with health concerns in this area. She has created a product that is like no other on the market. So if you need a little help here, or haven’t been happy with what you’ve gotten so far, Dr. Rush may just be the one to help you.

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Did you know that every single year there is an average of 1000 new chemicals that get “introduced” to our environment? That is a crazy number of new items to be concerned about. But detoxing can help keep your body in a better place - health wise. We may learn to use cleaner products that can help reduce the number of chemicals we are coming into contact with. But what about those that have already made it in? Dr. Rush has been helping her patients learn when and how to properly detox since 2005. Ask her when her next seasonal detox starts.

Chronic, Stubborn conditions

When you have been experiencing a “condition” for longer than you like, sometimes it’s time to get a different perspective on it. Dr. Rush uses traditional Naturopathic principles when treating those with tough health situations. She uses non-traditional testing labs that look “deeper and beyond” what the other labs don’t see. Dr. Rush offers a complimentary 15 minute phone consult so you can get a few questions answered before you make that first appointment with her. If you have been wondering if there is a different way to approach your “issue”, give her a call. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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