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Immune IV

If you are wanting to:

  • Get better faster when already sick

  • Boost your immune system to stay well

  • Have a better way to gain back energy after illness

  • Help alleviate recurring fatigue

Then this IV is for you!

This IV can return the optimal energy and more robust immune functions you may need to get you back to feeling normal again.


When to get this IV…

  • Getting ready for a flight or airport exposure

  • Suffer from a chronically depressed immune system (EBV, MS, etc)

  • To stay well during a viral outbreak

  • Want to avoid “getting sick” in the first place

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • General maintenance of good health

  • Diabetes


B vitamins, electrolytes, Vitamin C (larger dose), Zinc, Lysine, (and homeopathic if you are sick at time of IV).


  • $150

  • $175 - with the homeopathic added

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