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High Dose Vitamin C IV

Through the ages, vitamin C has been used to help save us from viruses, been used in the world of beauty, and even for the control of chronic health issues.

Vitamin C in high doses through an IV can be very therapeutic for those struggling with a concerning diagnosis. These IVs can even help those with chronic immune issues. There have been decades of studies showing the benefits of High Dose IV Vitamin C, aka HDIVC. Linus Pauling, MD was one such doctor that touted Vitamin C’s benefits. HDIVC has been studied as a treatment for patients with cancer since the 1970’s.

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Different levels of Vitamin C in your IV are dependent on what you are currently experiencing. Talk with Dr. Rush to make sure you will be getting what is best for your condition. If you have gotten HDIVC before, then you know what these IVs are all about and what they can do.

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When to get this IV…

  • Need immediate immune support

  • Stay well, even with a chronic underlying diagnosis

  • Schedule these regularly to maintain health


* Ask about packages for best pricing options

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