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Combo IV

Ozone IV:

This is an IV that can sanitize your blood. So it actually can address the unwanted yuk that’s making you sick - those things like bacteria, viruses, funguses, and molds. After the blood is sanitized and cleaned up with Ozone, we need to now boost the immune function that was struggling to keep you well. Which leads us to the…

Immune IV:

This is the IV that tanks up your weakened immune system which let the bad guys slip by in the first place. It’s got lots of goodies in it to help get your immune system back on line. It has electrolytes, lots of B vitamins, 10 grams of vitamin C along with Lysine and Zinc.

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Please see the Immune IV page

Please see the Ozone IV page

This is the one-two punch you need to get back to feeling like you in no time!

When to use this IV…

  • When you first feel that your are getting something

  • When you are already sick and want to shorten illness duration

  • When you have a chronic health condition that affects your immune system

  • For general wellbeing



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