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Take Care of Your Heart!

If you have already read the ABOUT page, you will know that I am passionate about helping people get and keep robust cardiovascular health.  Here's the fastest way in the natural world to do that. 



My goal is the help my patients gain control of their own cardiovascular health by empowering them.  The simplest of measures can make a BIG difference not just now, but in the future as well.


Please come in for a complimentary Heart Scan that can give you a better look at all levels of plaque you may have in your arteries.  Heart Rate Variability tests has been shown to reveal dangerous plaque levels along with overall Cardiovascular health.  The Max Pulse machine can uncover this information in less than 60 seconds. And it's non-invasive!       


Although not everyone may need the product that Dr. Rush was inspired to create, she will recommend it to those she feels needs it.  

This product was initially created in 2009, the formula is based on Nobel Prize winning science along with what Dr. Rush learned in Naturopathic Medical school.  Together this formula has been able to help many realize the cardiovascular health they desire.  


Currently the label is under redesign, but the formula is still the same formula helping many get where they want to go.   


Wow!  My blood pressure has never been better.     - J in Oregon

Plaque levels are much lower.  Thanks so much!      - M in Missouri

My mother had congestive heart failure and 20% function of her heart. But she is now much better + off her medications.  Don't stop offering this product!  - C in California

Even though I'm an athlete, I thought I was in tip-top shape, but this test showed me that I still have work to do cleaning up my heart health.  Thanks Dr. Rush, I'm on the road to getting even better.                  - B in California

I was taking another similar product, but when I started using this one, I got a much better pump at the gym.  I love this product.        - F in New York

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